JJSPP Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

554.40 $

  • Which is a Fly Rig type of multi effects pedal. It covers pretty much everything about classic rock in the 70s, & 80s.
  • starts the signal chain with a “RAT” style vintage-voicing distortion. Dynamic, powerful, beautifully saturated. What comes after “RAT” is the “MUFF”.
  • comes with 3 modulations: CHORUS, PHASER, & TREMOLO; 3 delays: ANALOG, TAPE, & REVERSE; 3 reverbs: ROOM, HALL, & PLATE.
  • comes with a built-in tuner. You don’t need to clip those Snarks on the headstocks of your guitar.
  • Meanwhile, you can totally tap-tempo the time parameters of all the modulations and delays on board. Just hold those buttons to enter the Tap Tempo mode (The LED knobs will flash in the tap tempo mode).
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